My Arcade History

My introduction to arcade machines began in 1980 or 1981 when I spotted my first Space Invaders upright cabinet. I was so small, that I had to drag a chair up to the machine so I could reach the controls and see the screen.

I'm not even sure if I actually had a go on the game, but this was enough to kickstart not only my lifelong love of arcade games, but my love of gaming whether it was arcade, console or computer based.

My Current Collection

I've owned a number of different arcade machines and PCBs during my years of collecting, but at present my collection looks like this:

- Out Run full upright
- Asteroids cocktail table
- Space Invaders cocktail table
- Electrocoin Xenon JAMMA cab
- Raven Games JAMMA Supergun
- Approximately 30 arcade PCBs