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The January 1994 issue of The One Amiga came with two covermounted disks, with the biggie being the demo of the much anticipated Zool 2, from Gremlin Graphics.

While I can recall having fun trying out a sample of Zool's latest episode, it was the shareware title also packed on the disk that I spent much more time with.

This game was Beetle, a platform game produced and released by Unique Styles, who were based in Tunbridge Wells.

The object of Beetle is a simple one; navigate your way around each level, collecting the fruit for bonuses, and ensuring all the grubs are collected. Once you've done that you just need to make your way to the exit 'jar' and it's off to the next level you go.

It sounds easy, and for the first 5 levels or so it is. The game has been crafted in such a way that each of the initial batch of stages eases you into the game, and teaching you new play mechanics as you go along. Once the first few stages are out of the way the difficulty soon ramps up, and you'll need to make sure you collect as many extra lives as you can.

As I'd been having so much fun with the trial version of Beetle I decided to stump-up the mere £5.00 registration fee, and sent off for the full game.
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It's Arrived!

A few days later, and a parcel landed on my doormat. Ripping it open I discover a two-sided registration letter and a full copy of Beetle, with a professionally printed label on the front. Very nice!


Amiga floppy disk image (ADF) of "Mr Numpty and the Alien Invaders". Size - 146KB, zipped.
I'm sure you'll agree that this is one of the best bits of PD that we've ever managed to bring you...
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