The first time I played on an arcade machine was around 1979/1980, and I've been obsessed with them ever since. This obsession culminated in the late 1990s when I purchased an Out Run Deluxe upright cabinet. Since then I've just kept on collecting.

Below you'll find details relating to some of the items I own or have owned in the past, along with other items of interest.

If you fancy having a go at building your own JAMMA Supergun, then check that section out as it contains all the information you need. Alternatively, if you own an Out Run arcade machine and it's not currently catalogued in my Serial Number Index then please get in touch with me right away.

JAMMA Supergun
A Supergun, (sometimes referred to as a JAMMA test rig) enables you to run a wide selection of arcade PCB's on a standard TV. All you need is a SCART enabled television and a couple of gamepads or joysticks, and you're good to go!

Out Run Serial Number Index
If you own an Out Run machine that I don't have listed in this section, or know more about the history of one that I already have in the serial number index then please get in touch.