Out Run Serial No. Index and Amiga Section Updates

Today's update sees several cabs added to the Out Run Serial Number Index, which brings the total number of machines logged to 35. It's taken me several years to get to this number, and I'd like to thank Norman De Plume of the Out Run Arcade Owners and Enthusiasts Facebook group for encouraging me to keep going with it.

I've also updated the Amiga section, and you can now read my Spectrum to Amiga PD conversions article which originally appeared in the A-Mag disk zine. The article contains links to the disk images, so if you'd like to give the games a go for yourself then please do.

First Update in a Long Time!

It's been a good 18 months or more since I last updated any of the pages, but I've recently received an invite to join the OutRun Arcade Owners and Enthusiasts Group over on Facebook, and it's encouraged me to start working on the site once more.

The Out Run Serial Numbers Index has now been converted into a PDF and is much easier to read. Thanks to members of the OutRun Arcade Owners and Enthusiasts Group the Index has passed the 30 entry mark and continues to grow. The latest update made to the document was today, so please check it out.

I've also added this "What's New" section to the site, so you can quickly find out what's been updated since your last visit.

Thank you for stopping by.